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ipad-249417_1920I love some of these apps! Some of them come from the Department of Defense and I used them regularly with veterans to help them keep up with skills in between our sessions. Some I use for myself, and others friends have told me about. Check them out and let me know you top 3 favorites!

  1. What’s Up? – therapy techniques to help you cope with depression, anger, anxiety, stress, self-esteeem, and moor. Track daily experiences and access tools to help you cope.
  2. Breath2Relax – hands on and customizable tol to help you learn diaphragmatic breathing (belly breathing) to reduce stress and anxiety
  3. From Gratitude to Bliss – prompts you to record a few things each day that you are grateful for and shift your focus from stress to thankfulness
  4. Mindfulness Coach – tools and guided exercises to learn and practice mindfulness for improved mental health
  5. Top 5: Professional Tips for Parenting, Relationships, Personal Development – enough said
  6. CBT Thought Diary Record – document your negative thoughts, analyze flaws in your thinking, and reevaluate your thoughts.
  7. Prayer Prompter – an app ”store” that organizes scripture passages and prayer requests by category and displays them in rotation according to the priority you assign each one
  8. MOVE! Coach App – weight management app with education, tools, and guidance to help you improve your health
  9. Moving Forward – learn problem solving skills to overcome obstacles and deal with stress
  10. ParentingToGo – strengthen parenting skills and reconnect with your kids
  11. StayQuitCoach – tools and education to help you quit smoking

Need help with managing stress, depression, or anxiety?  Struggling with insomnia or chronic pain?  If so, give me a call at 539-777-1129 and let’s talk about how therapy can help!

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