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Christina Parks, LPC

Christina Parks, LPC

Racheal Elrod-Edwards, LMFT, Miss Racheal's Counseling, LLC

Racheal Elrod-Edwards, LMFT, Miss Racheal's Counseling, LLC

Dr. Donita Smith, Ph.D., LPC, Dosido LLC

Dr. Donita Smith, Ph.D., LPC, Dosido LLC

Dr. Melissa Leedy, Ph.D., Legacy Counseling Service, S-Corp

Dr. Melissa Leedy, Ph.D., Legacy Counseling Service, S-Corp

Sandy Stone, LPC, Trinity Counseling Center, LLC

Sandy Stone, LPC, Trinity Counseling Center, LLC


Are you constantly battling to keep it all together? Do depression, anxiety, insomnia, health problems, addictions, trauma, or chronic pain rob you of joy? Therapy can ease your pain.

Therapy can help you get unhooked from dark and anxious thoughts, calm your anxious mind, get a peaceful night sleep, ease physical tension and pain, and enjoy your life and loved ones again. Through counseling, you will learn how to handle thoughts and emotions more lightly, dig deeper into spiritual beliefs, and help your mind and body do the work they need to do so that you can have better physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Your life will no longer be dictated by fear, hopelessness, or depression.

As mental health providers serving the Broken Arrow and Tulsa communities, we know that understanding a person emotionally, spiritually, relationally, and physically is critical to helping a person heal from hurt. We have to understand your values around each of these areas to really understand you. Taking active steps to live out these values can change how you react to the past, live in the present, and plan for the future.

As mental health providers who are Christians, our goal in the therapy room is to love and empower you, not to pass judgment or persuade you to our specific beliefs.

When in doubt about differing beliefs or lifestyles, we err on the side of love and understanding. We believe that every person is of great value and worthy of respect, regardless of their past or present life circumstances.

Tulsa Christian Counseling: Spirituality Is An Important in Therapy

Many people who identify as Christians struggle with mental health problems but don’t seek therapy. There are many reasons for this, including the belief that if they should not struggle with depressionanxiety, worry about chronic illnesses or paininsomnia, or substance use.  Many Christians worry about seeking counseling for their teens if they are struggling with depression, anxiety, or bullying, or if they need family therapy to get their family to get along better. Christians often worry that their mental health provider might not have the same core values. Or the belief that a counselor is going to treat them in a way that is inconsistent with what the Bible says, is not going to incorporate prayer in counseling or does not view Christian faith as important.

As mental health providers who are also Christian, we understand the struggles of having faith and dealing with the difficulties in life. For many people, their Christian beliefs and the relationship they have with Jesus Christ is one of their most important relationships, and it directly impacts their choices and values. Many times, a person who is a Christian wants to talk to someone who understands and values their faith, and who can speak the “language” of their faith. For the person who wants to incorporate Christian counseling in the treatment of their mental health, I’m delighted to provide this. For the person whose Christian faith or Biblical teaching is less, or not at all important in daily life, I am equally happy to provide therapy services to effectively treat insomnia, depression, anxiety, or to cope better with an illness or injury. I am always respectful of the different beliefs and will never push my beliefs, whether Christian or not, onto the person sitting across from me.

What Is Christian Faith Counseling Is Like at Tulsa Legacy Counseling Service?

For the person who identifies as a Christian and wants to incorporate faith, prayer, or Biblical teachings into their mental health treatment, we honor those values and needs. We frequently ask clients at the beginning of treatment if they would like one of us to pray aloud before our session begins. When we are asking about important relationships in your life, we will ask about your relationships with God and Jesus, as well as your church family or spiritual small group. We will discuss how your Christian perspective is tied to your adjustment to physical illness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, or pain. You will understand how your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and spiritual beliefs influence your choices and if those choices line up with your values. You will develop effective ways to manage your mental health and relationships using psychological science and Biblical truths such as prayer, gratitude, and accountability.

Tulsa Counseling: Growing in Faith and Spirituality Through Mental Health Therapy

Trees have deep roots that hold them in place, strong trunks that withstand the weather, an adequate amount of bark to protect them, and branches and leaves that provide shelter, food, and beauty.

The tree is a great metaphor for describing life: the ups and downs of faith, and the ups and downs of our mental health.

Trees can represent the various seasons of life. There are times when we bend, perhaps a lot, due to the “weather” of life, and times we feel solid and strong despite the “weather” of life. There are times when our branches are barren, and other times when they are blossoming. There are times that our branches and leaves need to flourish, and times when we need pruning. There are times when our roots are “infected” and we need to be transplanted into healthier soil, and times when we can be thankful that our roots spread deep and wide to hold us in place.

Our goal at Legacy Counseling Service is to provide counseling to teens and adults in the Broken Arrow and Tulsa area to help you connect with your roots so that you will feel solid and strong, despite the difficult weather, and to help you blossom to your fullest potential.

Tulsa Counseling: Why focus on “Legacy “?

A legacy is something handed down or received from an ancestor or predecessor. Imagine your future family tree. How could you positively impact it with a clear vision of what you want your life to be like in 10, 15, or even 50 years?  We can help you intentionally make that vision become reality by helping you get unstuck from difficult places and helping you find your courage again.

What would you want your children, grandchildren, and friends to say that you “handed down” to them? Do you want to hand down values or habits that could be harmful? Or would you rather give them values and habits that can lead to fulfilling and meaningful life?

We want to help you create a legacy that you feel is worthy of being “handed down” for many generations. We want to help you create a family tree and leave a legacy to your community that is healthy in all respects. We have years of experience helping people manage the overwhelming emotions of physical illness, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and stress. We are confident that we can do the same for you.

We love helping people. It’s energizing and inspiring to see how people change through therapy to overcome challenges, discover their true selves, and bounce back from hard situations. Through counseling, we help people find out what’s really important to them. Helping a person develop the courage to make choices consistent with their goals is really amazing.

The goal of therapy is not to be happy all the time. Weird, we know. The goal of therapy is to be genuine. The goal is to allow yourself to feel the good and the bad feelings while being respectful of yourself and other people, and moving towards a more meaningful life.

We believe that the common denominator for all of us, as part of the human race, is that everyone has worth, regardless of past or current problems. We truly believe that. It’s powerful to watch someone transition through therapy and to learn to believe that about themselves. Everyone has a story that has shaped how they do life and everyone has the capacity to make changes; they just need to find motivation. We love helping people who are ready to start making changes to their story!

How Legacy Counseling Service in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma began:

Dr. Leedy first had the vision of opening a counseling practice in 2001 when she started her doctoral training to become a psychologist. In 2009 the vision became clearer and you can read here about how this vision unfolded. During this time in her life, several life events occurred which increased the value of leaving a legacy to those she loved. She knew that Legacy Counseling Service was not just something she would dream about, but something that would come to fruition when the time was right. Dr. Leedy opened Legacy Counseling Service, a Tulsa counseling clinic, as a solo provider on Jan 2016 in Broken Arrow. Today, Legacy Counseling now has 5 other excellent mental health providers, counsels people of all ages, has a wonderful assistant, and is active in giving back to our community. Now, she and her team of mental health providers proudly serve the Broken Arrow/Tulsa, Oklahoma area with effective, results-oriented therapy services. We use Cognitive-Behavioral, Acceptance and Commitment, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDRD) and Christian counseling techniques to help people overcome their struggles.

If you have questions about counseling, or if you’re ready to start therapy, call us at 539-777-1129.  And, if you are wondering, “539” is the NEW Tulsa area code…strange, huh?).  At Legacy Counseling Service, we are a group of independent mental health providers who operate under the umbrella of Legacy Counseling Service. We provide therapy for children, teen, adults, families and couples in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and all of Oklahoma through face-to-face services and secure online video counseling. Our office is located in southwest Broken Arrow (101st and Aspen in the Wolf Creek Office Park) which is conveniently accessible from Owasso, Coweta, Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Jenks, and Bixby.

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