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Cindy Fugatt, LMFT, Fugatt Family Therapy, LLC – Tulsa Couples, Individual, and Chronic Pain Counseling

Tulsa Couples Counseling: Finding Happiness in Marriage Again

Are you tired of the constant fight to not feel sad, alone, or frustrated in your marriage? Do you feel heard, validated, respected, and safe in your relationship? Or, do you feel like you are living with your “roommate” and not your spouse?  Does chronic pain interfere with you feeling connected in your marriage?  Do you struggle with knowing how to help your spouse who has chronic pain?

Are past hurts or past habits weighing you down and affecting your marriage? Do you sometimes struggle to trust your spouse or just feel stuck in a marital “rut”? Is communication or problem solving hard? Are you struggling to adjust to divorce, blended families, work problems, or family issues? Couples counseling can be a benefit to learn to work together, increase communication, problem-solving skills, intimacy, and trust. Statistically, people enter marital therapy after years of marital dissatisfaction. Marital problems can affect mood, sleep, relationships with others, as well as affect physical and mental health. If you can identify with these struggles, you are not alone and counseling can help.  

As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Cindy, has the experience and insight to help you rediscover who you really are and how improvements in your marriage are still possible. Cindy uses a variety of therapy styles that will help you and your spouse learn to deal with past hurts and move forward together in healthy ways. After meeting with Cindy, you’ll develop renewed confidence in yourself and your marriage as you improve communication and problem-solving skills to rekindle the imitate and fulfilling marriage you once enjoyed. Above all, Cindy is committed to providing excellent, yet empathetic therapy for couples and their families.

In addition to marriage and family counseling and individual mental health therapy, Cindy also facilitates group counseling for adults who are angry and are concerned about how their anger impacts their relationships and health.  These groups are skill based and supportive in nature. 

About Cindy Fugatt, LMFT

A California native, Cindy moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2006 to attend Oral Roberts University, where she earned two masters degrees in Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy. After graduation, Cindy began providing home and school-based mental health treatment for elementary through high school students and their families. Over the years she has worked with children, teenagers, and families providing meaningful counseling to help her clients adjust, improve, and cope with life stressors. Often during her counseling sessions, she also helped her clients overcome low self-esteem, adjust to difficult family situations, and cope with stress to be better prepared for life.

In addition, Cindy has been trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain and understands how pain impacts the individual but also the marriage and family. Cindy is uniquely trained to help marriages thrive despite the interference of chronic pain. 

In addition, Cindy has worked in several psychiatric hospitals, providing caring therapy to adult clients in order to help them regain hope, confidence, and emotional stability. She also has lead various therapy groups for adults who are in treatment for addictions stemming from trauma, crisis, mental health issues, and physical issues. Individuals in these groups have reported improved self-care, confidence, in processing trauma, learning new coping skills, and increasing healthy communication skills.

At Legacy Counseling Service, in Broken Arrow, Cindy’s main passion is marital therapy and helping the family regain its sense of pride, safety, and identity. Cindy believes that marital satisfaction is a crucial component to healthy family functioning, well adapted and adjusted children, and has a positive effect on physical and mental health and well being. To schedule an appointment with Cindy, call our Office Manager, Christi, at 539-777-1129 ext 0.

Cindy Fugatt

Cindy Fugatt is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She provides couples counseling and also works with individuals who are struggling with chronic pain, addictions, past trauma, and relationships. She practices at Legacy Counseling Service in Broken Arrow, OK 74011. Cindy is paneled with HealthChoice and Alliance Coal Group insurance companies. She is happy to work with clients to file Out of Network claims.

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