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Dr. Donita Smith, Ph.D., LPC, Dosido LLC: Teen and Adult Counseling in Broken Arrow

Donitha SmithDr. Donita Smith has been in the counseling field for  over19 years and has a special interest working with teens, young adults, and adults who may be struggling with such issues as self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress, problems at school, life transitions, chronic pain, and/or parent/child relationships. She has expertise in the treatment of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse and self-esteem issues. She also has worked with clients who have experienced trauma ranging from physical and sexual abuse to witnessing violence and negligence. She counsels individuals and families. Dr. Smith has been trained in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain and understands how pain impacts the individual but also the family. She is uniquely trained to help adults and families thrive despite the interference of chronic pain. Dr. Donita Smith provides mental health therapy at Legacy Counseling Service in Broken Arrow, OK.

Counseling a Teen Helps The Whole Family

Often times when a young person suffers, the entire family feels the effects of their suffering. Children, teens, and young adults who are struggling through difficult times may show signs of withdrawal, anger, anxiety, sadness, or low self-esteem. Sometimes they have a hard time identifying and expressing their feelings so as a result, struggle in their relationships with family and friends, and even in their academics. Family members may find difficulty in making connections with them, or in managing problematic behavior. Sometimes at school, their grades are failing or they are experiencing distress in their social circles. Sometimes they are struggling with chronic pain or illness and feel that no one can really understand them and they don’t know how to manage their pain well. 

How can therapy help a struggling young person or family?

Within the safe counseling environment of Legacy Counseling Service in Tulsa, teens have the possibility to connect experiences with emotions, learn healthy communication skills, and develop tools for managing life’s challenges. Parents and caregivers who are involved in therapy also learn strategies for better supporting and connecting with their child.

Dr. Smith strives to offer a therapeutic atmosphere and relationship that reflects acceptance, safety, trust, respect, support, encouragement, and guidance in assisting those seeking relief/healing from their problems; and, also experiencing personal growth through making healthy life changes. The therapy relationship begins with a conversation that develops a unique life of its own. The meeting of our minds and beings takes us into an uncharted exploration. Dr. Smith’s role is to guide the therapy process by listening to the directions that are offered by the client.

Dr. Smith’s goal is to help individuals connect with their inner strengths and their authentic selves so that they can move forward with living and loving life. The treatment approach that she most often uses is cognitive behavioral therapy (changing distorted thinking). She will work with clients to develop practical solutions, find healthy communication and relationship patterns and most of all to help them feel better about themselves and life. She offers practical tools for change that foster an even better state of well-being. As desired, faith and spirituality are woven into session.

About Dr. Smith: Teen and Family Counseling

Dr. Smith has a Ph.D. in Psychology with a specialization in Family Psychology and she is also a licensed professional counselor. She worked in an adolescent residential setting for 9 years, Outpatient mental health service with teens and family’s for 7 years, Director of a Substance Abuse Treatment Center for 2 years and the Adult correctional setting for 2 years.

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If you are looking to make some changes in your or your teen’s life, or need your family to more deeply connect; call Christi, our office manager at 539-777-11259 to schedule an initial consultation. Counseling appointments with Dr. Smith are available on weekends and weeknights.

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