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Addiction Counseling for Adults

Substance Abuse or Addiction:

When Drinking or Drugging Is Out of Control Therapy Can Help!

Do you find yourself wanting to drink or use drugs just a little but have a hard time stopping? If so, you might be struggling with an addition to alcohol, drugs, or prescription pills. It can be hard to admit that you might have a problem that you can’t control; you might feel shameful about finding yourself in this position. At Legacy Counseling Service in Broken Arrow/Tulsa, OK we know that sometimes your best intentions to cope can go astray. We are not here to judge, but to help you get back on track. Therapy with a mental health professional who specializes in substance abuse can help you do just that.

 What are the Signs of Substance Abuse or Addictions?

  • Do you struggle with controlling how much alcohol, drugs, or prescription pills you use?
  • Are you drinking or using too much?
  • Are you drinking or using drugs over longer amounts of time?
  • Is it difficult to go to work, school, be in relationships or keep your health up but you continue to use alcohol, drug, or misuse prescription medications anyway?
  • Have you tried to stop or cut down drinking or drug use without much success?
  • Is your tolerance to alcohol or drugs increasing so that you find yourself needing more to get drunk or high?
  • Do you use or drink to avoid withdrawal and getting sick?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, you might consider getting help to regain control of your alcohol or drug use. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize if your alcohol or drug use is too much. Maybe you drink when you are angry, sad, tired, or to avoid thoughts, problems, or memories? Or perhaps drinking is just a part of life, to celebrate, have fun, party, or enjoy happy hour? Your addiction might also bring with it depression, anxiety, or insomnia.

Therapy for Alcohol or Drug Abuse or Addiction Can Help!

At Legacy Counseling Service we provide counseling for adults in the Broken Arrow and the Tulsa metro area overcome addictions. Through therapy you will regain your sense of self and control, improve your confidence at coping with life, and manage alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications so that they are no longer calling the shots and getting in the way of your relationships, school, or work.

Counseling can help a person overcome addictions or substance abuse by exploring a person’s reasons for drinking, understanding how past hurts influence substance use, and discovering new ways to manage stress, improve emotional and physical health, and establish healthy relationships.

If you find that outpatient therapy is not enough for your addiction or you relapse often, we can help find long term treatment or inpatient hospitalization to help you. You don’t have to suffer alone, hope and recovery are possible. At Legacy Counseling Service in Broken Arrow/Tulsa we would be honored to help you along your journey.

Call our intake assistant, Christi, at 539-777-1129 today to schedule an appointment with Cindy Fugatt who specializes in helping men and women overcome the struggles of drug and alcohol use.

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