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I’M dr. Melissa, lady from Legacy counseling service in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, thanks for joining me today in this last video related to psychological flexibility, the lattice, the previous three videos, we’ve talked about what psychological flexibility is, and I’ve gone through two concepts: I’m in each videos to Help you understand better. This idea of psychological flexibility, of responding effectively to life for the last two concepts of psychological flexibility, are values and committed action. Legacy Counseling Services So you can kind of think of your values. As your compass write, your compass kind of tells you where you want to be going and your values really reflect those things that are really important to you, had a really meaning meaningful to you, I’m in your heart and your soul. These are the things that you stand up, for. These are the things that you believe in wholeheartedly, that your life is kind of built around those now. Sometimes our life is not built around our values and when that happens, a lot of times, people struggle with depression and anxiety and a sense of loneliness or loss or just not being congruent with who they are. And that happens, because what is true for us in our heart, we are not actually living out, and so we feel this in congruence between who we are and what we’re actually doing so values, Legacy Counseling Services knowing what your values are is a hugely important aspect of psychological flexibility, Because that tells you generally what direction you want to go for the last concept of psychological flexibility is committed.

Action and committed action is really important, because committed action is action that is Guided by those values that you take again and again and again and again, despite how difficult it might be action that you take despite fear, despite loneliness despite feelings of incompetence or lack of Confidence, whatever those difficult Thoughts with his difficult feelings are or those difficult, I’m situational circumstances that represent a barrier committed action is like you’re, the road that you’re on toward your values that you just keep going in that direction, because that is a direction that feels congruent With who you are at your core, and so one of the things that science has told us and that we see Clinic Leo and over, is that even if a path is difficult, but it is congruent with who you are and what your values are. People are physically and healthier I physically and mentally healthier when they do that, and so that’s one of the goals of therapy is that you start to really understand who you are, and you start to understand. Legacy Counseling Services What is that committed action that you need to take for that you’re living your life to be congruent with who you really are at your heart, in your soul? And so when you got these Concepts on board, when you have practice diffusion and you practice kind of embracing the moment being in the here and now and you’re working on connection – and you are working on values and committed actions. Oh and I forgot the observing self, but when all those things are coming together and they start to work together in this like this web within yourself, Legacy Counseling Services are you will find that you are much more resilient, that you’re able to pick yourself up even after you’ve gone Through a hard time – and that’s really the goal of therapy and that’s the goal of psychological flexibility and to bring it back to the very end, nishil analogy of a quarterback right, that’s what we see the quarterback doing. The quarterback is very present in the Here and Now situation.

The observing self is working, saying, okay, this is what’s going on and there is a value, the value of supporting the team, the value of getting that first down the value of going for the touchdown and there’s committed action time and time again, you know you might Get one first down and 2nd down and whatnot, but there is committed action towards that goal and. When that happens, then it happens consistently and you’ve got a good sense of where you want to go. Then you can be proud of the work that you’ve done so anyway. I hope these ideas of psychological flexibility help there is a great book. Hang on there’s a great book that I love. It is called the happiness trap and this is a book that is kind of the self-help version for therapy. So when you, if you decide to read this book, don’t read it quickly, read it slowly a couple chapters at a time practice the concepts practice the exercises, because that’s really, where you’re going to get the best benefit. I’M, Legacy Counseling Services if you struggle with that you’re, welcome to give me a call or call some other counselor therapist who you connect with, so that you can be living a life consistent with who you really are so take care, and we will talk soon. Bye, xHi, I’m dr. Melissa, lady psychologist at Legacy counseling service in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Today I want to do another book recommendation, so this is one of my favorite books that literally changed the course of my career from when I worked at the VA in Tampa Florida, which I really enjoyed into moving into my own private practice for the book is Visioneering by Andy Stanley, so hopefully you can see this from the Clara visioneering by Andy Stanley. How does book does come from a Christian perspective Stanley as a pastor in Atlanta, Georgia?

I think, but anyway, even if you’re, not a Christian, really there’s some great information in here to help. You clarify your vision. So if you have a dream about doing something, if you kind of have a Faraway vision and you’re thinking – and I really need some clarity around meyes – I’m I’m not sure I’m what the next forward steps are. This book would be a great book to read so at the end of each chapter. Andy ask some questions that you can see here and really helps you think through some things, and so when I read this book, I really treated it kind of like a course, and I had a Word document open in my computer and I answered all the questions And so forth, and it was really helpful, actually use what I had written for several years. As I was developing my vision for my private practice, I really use the answers that I had written to help me understand if I was going down the path of that. I ultimately wanted to go down and to create the practice that I wanted to create, so I didn’t want to get sideswiped or Lord away from opportunities that didn’t really fit into the vision. So I think this is an excellent book. Vision eering Andy Stanley check it out. I hope you enjoy it. You have any questions. You’Re welcome to visit me at www. Legacy. Counseling service.com or you can also give me a call at 539-777-1129 hope you have a great day and please give me a call if you have any thoughts or questions, take care. Bye, bye,