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Hi everyone, I’m dr. Melissa, lady clinical psychologist at Legacy counseling service in Broken Arrow Oklahoma today, and want to talk to you about the yerkes-dodson law, which I love, because I think it’s a great psychological concept that we can see really clearly in our lives between and Functioning so on the x-axis we have stressed – and you can see that there’s low stress, medium stress and high stress and then on the y-axis is functioning so how well we were generally doing in life, so low functioning, medium functioning and high-functioning. What are Yorkies Dodson law? Basically says that, in order to hit that sweet spot a functioning you have to have some stress, you have to have a moderate degree of stress in order to really perform your best. So when you have medium stress not too overwhelming, but yet it’s not tattoo little stress where you feel like. Oh gosh, that’s easy! I don’t need to study or I don’t need to make that phone call to that Prospect or I don’t need to have the conversation with my spouse or what not, when we have just enough stress, we’re just a little bit worried about something that stress actually produces. The best level of functioning for us, so I want you to think about in your own life. Where do you fall on this stress Continuum? And what do you notice that, when you have low stress, Tulsa Counseling Services do you notice that your overall functioning is not quite as great as you know, when you’re kind of in that sweet spot or when you’re overly stressed, and you feel like you can’t cope with all the Things that are going on do you notice that you’re functioning also kind of starts to plummet? Maybe you start to feel anxious or depressed, or you have chronic pain, and that starts to get worse or you’re starting to have relationship problem show.

Would I ask if I challenge you to really think about how can you find The Sweet Spot of stress in your life so that you’re functioning at your best? What kind of health habits do you need to be doing on a regular basis? Do you need to be exercising daily? Do you need to be doing some kind of quiet time or devotional? Do you need to be having lunch with a friend once a week? Tulsa Counseling Services Do you need to take some time out by yourself and go up? You know by the lake or or go fishing or when have you been in your sweet spot in terms of stress and how can you get back to that? So if you have any thoughts or questions that you want to send my way or if you want. Hi, this is dr. Melissa, lady, here from Legacy counseling service in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Thanks for joining me today, lately I’ve been doing a lot of blogging about Stress and Anxiety. I just to deal with another kind of everyday stuff of life and I reference a diaphragmatic breathing a lot or deep-breathing. I reference the other relaxation exercises also, but today I wanted to share with you how to do diaphragmatic, breathing or deep-breathing, so that you’ll have a better idea and you can start to practice it on your own, and this is really something that you can do pretty Much anywhere on, while you’re laying down while you’re standing up if you’re sitting, Tulsa Counseling Services if you’re in the grocery store, if you’re in your car. So when we tend to get stressed and anxious, we do a lot of chest. Breeding and those are kind of shallow short breaths. That really don’t bring a lot of oxygen into the body and, the more oxygen we bring into the body.

That’S the body’s way of recognizing that it’s okay to relax and calm down. So when we want to reduce stress, it’s better to do, diaphragmatic, breathing and diaphragmatic breathing you’re, really using the diaphragm muscle right under here and you’re blowing up your belly. A little bit ballooning up your belly to bring more air and more oxygen in and then moving it up into the chest so that you can think about. This is to imagine that you actually have a balloon in your belly and that when you inhale, you are pushing out your belly and trying to expand and blow that balloon up. And then you hold their breath for just a couple couple seconds: whatever’s comfortable and then you slowly exhale, Tulsa Counseling Services almost as if you were flickering a flame on the end of a candle. So it’s a very, very slow exhale again just to the point that it’s comfortable. So when you’re learning this, you want to breathe into your belly, andis it up into your chest. So for me to show you you should see the hand on my belly move more and move first before you see the hand on my chest moved. So let me show you what it looks like, so you should see this hand move more than this hand and does hand move first. I noticed that when I breathe in, I just pause for one or two counts, because that’s what’s comfortable for me and I do a very slow exhale and the exhales almost double the length of my inhaler. Tulsa Counseling Services So you want to try to do whatever’s comfortable. If you have a hard time breathing through your nose, it’s okay, you can breathe through your mouth, but I’ll show you one more time what it looks like with my hands and then I’ll show you without k.

Okay, so that’s diaphragmatic! Breathing! If you do that a couple times a day for in a 2 or 3 minutes at a time, not really will reduce kind of the psychological and physiological Stress and Anxiety that you feel, if you get into the habit of doing that, whenever you are trying to Prevent stress or anxiety from coming on or you’re trying to get rid of it in the moment your body will kind of be trained a little bit and it will better know what to do, and so, when you are feeling anxious, it might take a little little Bit for your body to say: oh yeah, I know what she’s doing now we’re trying to get relaxed, but it’s going to have more of that muscle memory, and so it will respond faster to the diaphragmatic breathing. Then, if you didn’t practice it regularly. So that’s just a quick tips for stressed and manager, anxiety and stay tuned, because I will be sending more your way, maybe about progressive muscle, relaxation and visualization and some future videos so take care. Give me a call if you would like to chat about therapy 539-777-1129, or you can also find me online at www. Legacy. Counseling service.com thanks. So much bye, bye,