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Hi everyone I’m dr. Melissa, lady from Legacy counseling service in Broken Arrow Oklahoma at Legacy counseling service.com. Today I want to talk about visualization, which is a technique that you can use to reduce stress anxiety. It’S also been found to be very helpful for chronic pain and headaches so with visualization. Essentially, what you are doing is using the power of your mind and the power of your imagination to have a physiological impact on the body. So basically, we want to increase the relaxation response in the body and when you increase that the stress response goes down want to find a place in your mind, that is a place I feel safe and relaxing, Tulsa Counseling Services and you want to use all of your senses to Help you really really imagine that place so you want to be thinking about. What do you see in your mind? What do you hear, what do you taste and smell, and what do you feel on your skin and then you can also pair that with positive statements to help you further relax or to help you further reduce pain or anxiety. So you might say something like, as I feel, the warm sun on my skin. Tulsa Counseling Services I let go of tension and I let go of pain or something like that so. I want to guide you through a quick exercise generally, when you would do this in for real. You would want to expand this out to maybe 10 or 15 minutes, or sometimes even longer, if you can, but just for today, to teach you how to do this and I’ll make it very brief.

So what I want for you to do is sit back in a chair and with your feet planted on the floor or if that’s not comfortable, you can lie down or you can even stand up if you want, but I want you just to get comfortable and Just try to relax your body and you’re going to want to close your eyes and then just take some slow at belly. Breaths and just take some deep breaths and allow your body to relax and I’m not allow your muscles and your shoulders and your stomach and your legs to relax down and, with your eyes closed, I want you to imagine a place that feels comfortable and safe, and this Could be a place that you have never been before or a place that you’ve seen in a picture, or this could be a place that you visited. This might even be in your backyard or it might be in your bathtub until when you have that place in your mind, I want you to keep your eyes closed and I want you just to imagine what do you see around you really in your mind’s eye? Tulsa Counseling Services Take a look around you and noticed the very fine details that you see around you and I want you to notice. What can you touch? Tulsa Counseling Services What’S your fingertips, if you were to reach out what could you touch, what do you notice about the texture or the heart of the softness of something or the temperature of something the ruin your mind? I just try to imagine feeling your environment with your fingertips and now I want you to imagine what you can smell.

I take a deep inhale into your nose and just see if you can notice the subtle smells of the place that you’re imagining perhaps there’s something sweet are fresh. I noticed if you can taste anything on your tongue and I also want you to notice what you can hear the really taken. The sounds around you when your mind’s eye noticing, if you can hear the rustle of leaves or perhaps the wind Little Critters or Birds, but I also want you and your mind’s eye to notice. What feeling can you feel in your skin? Is there anything that you noticed coming passed you on your face or your arms for your legs? I just spend some time in this place and your mind’s eye really paying attention to what you can see here, taste and touch and use those senses to help further bring you to a place of relaxation of calmness. Same to yourself, as I smell the Sweet Air, I can let go of tension or hearing the pleasant sounds of the water. My nervous thoughts are going away. Okay, so that is an example of visualization and again you know you can spend as much time in that place as you want, but it is a very, very helpful technique to use when you’re struggling with anxiety or stress or chronic pain or headaches. I’Ve worked with teams a long time and I really really enjoy them, but I think I really connect well with women and I’ve had all the way from early twenties.

I think I have a 55 year old now you know so it’s kind of all age group and they’re kind of they have there their own different issues according to their age, to because one is having issues with parenting, not them parenting but being parented as an adult And the struggles that she has there been there’s that there’s one really struggles with a child that has some attachment issues and so even within the gender of women there. So many different areas of focus as far as the issues go, but I really enjoy what I dowent. When I say I’m a middle school counselor are I like working with middle schoolers, I usually get a pretty shocked. Look from the vena lift. I tell that to because there’s they go through so much at that age. You know their hormones are just starting their trying to figure out who they are there being super influenced by their peers and I’m just trying to grab ahold of how they can stand up on their own issues that they bring are challenging. And I think that’s what makes it fun for me.