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Hi everyone, dr. Melissa, lady, here from Legacy counseling service today. I just want to share a thought with you today, because I’ve been thinking about a lot of my previous clients and thinking a lot about the client, but I’m currently working with, and I started thinking how she know they never really. They probably never know how much I think about them in between sessions or more long after our work is finished, but I do think about you a lot and I think most therapist. They do think about their previous clients a lot and in the current clients, and it’s not just in the context of like okay. Let me you know, make sure that I’m using is still the right way or how can I help them solve the problem when we do think about those things, but I think a lot of us. We we just think a lot about our clients will pass them Play Store, will have an experience that reminds us of somebody that we worked with, and you know sometimes I think we’ll therapy can often feel like a one-way street right. It’S like you talking to the therapist and you don’t learn much about them, but in our minds I think it’s often a two-way street that there’s a lot that we learned from you through the struggles you’re going through through the gate, The Cure’s that you have to Try new things and to think about things differently: the courage that it takes to be vulnerable with another person that you know complete stranger at first there’s so much that I think we as therapist get from the people that we work with, and so I just wanted To tell you that you matter, Tulsa Counseling Services do you know that you’re just as valuable to us as a person as we might be to you, and you know I just the other day I went to it a concert and it got me thinking about you know all these Different people that I work with from the VAyay really early on me now, eight nine years ago, just up two more recently, some of the older people that I work with at nursing homes and it just these little small things. You smell nuggets that people give to me that pop up into my head, and I’m just so thankful for those moments and for the wisdom that I received from working with people. So I just wanted to let you know that.\

Yes, your therapist does think about you. In between sessions and long after you’ve gone, and you do make it different than an impact on their lives as well. So, thank you, for you know, sharing your struggles and sharing your courage with those of us who are in mental health band just a little, but I wanted to just give you today. So I hope you have a great day. Bye. Hi everyone, I’m dr. Melissa, lady clinical psychologist at Legacy counseling service in Broken Arrow Oklahoma today, and want to talk to you about the yerkes-dodson law, which I love, because I think it’s a great psychological concept that we can see really clearly in our lives between stress And functioning so on the x-axis we have stress – and you can see that there’s low stress, Tulsa Counseling Services medium stress and high stress and then on the y-axis is functioning so how well we were generally doing in life. The low functioning, medium functioning and high functioning basically says that, in order to hit that sweet spot a functioning you have to have some stress. You have to have a moderate degree of stress in order to really perform your best. So when you have medium it’s not too overwhelming, but yet it’s not here to little stress where you feel like. Oh gosh, that’s easy! I don’t need to study or I don’t need to make that phone call to that Prospect or I don’t need to have the conversation with my spouse or what not, when we have just enough stress, we’re just a little bit worried about something that stress actually produces.

The best level of functioning for us, so I want you to think about in your own life. Where do you fall on this stress Continuum? And what do you notice that, when you have low stress, do you notice that your overall functioning is not quite as great as you know, when you’re kind of in that sweet spot or when you’re overly stressed, and you feel like you can’t cope with all the Things that are going on do you know that you’re functioning also kind of starts to plummet. Tulsa Counseling Services Maybe you start to feel anxious or depressed, or do you have chronic pain in that starts, to get worse or you’re starting to have relationship problems how? Would I ask you if I challenge you really think about how can you find The Sweet Spot of stress in your life so that you’re functioning at your best? What kind of health habits do you need to be doing on a regular basis? Do you need to be exercising daily? Do you need to be doing some kind of quiet time or devotional? Do you need to be having lunch with a friend once a week? Do you need to take some time out by yourself and go up to know by the lake or or go fishing or go get a pedicure? When have you been in your sweet spot in from the stress, and how can you get back to that? Hi everyone – this is dr. Melissa, Tulsa Counseling Services lady from Legacy counseling service in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Today I want to talk with you about three simple questions that you can ask yourself if you are in a gloomy season of life, so if you’ve got some sadness or depression, that’s going on in your head and in your heart and your feeling stuck there. Some three questions that might really help you move out of that place, for the first question would be one. What am I willing to start doing? That would be helpful to me and in moving out of this season to. What is one thing I am willing to stop doing that? It’S something that I’m doing.

That’S not really helpful for me and 3. What is one thing that I am willing to continue doing, that might be a healthy eating, healthy or helpful habit that I can continue doing so a lot of times when we’re not gloomy season? It’S it’s really hard to think about a a big General plan of how to move out of that season, and you just it’s hard to know what to do so. Just focusing on these three questions can be just a great starting point. Tulsa Counseling Services So answer those three questions, and I hope you take action on your answers – try that out for 2 or 3 weeks and see if that helps you move out of the season of life that you’re in that’s really difficult. If you’re stuck I’m, you can always give us a call at Legacy: Counseling, Service. Com. We help a lot of people with depression, anxiety, insomnia, addictions, past traumas and just adjusting to Chronic illnesses and pain. Sogive us a call if, if you are really stuck take care.