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Hi, my name is dr. Melissa, lady psychologist, at Legacy counseling service in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Thanks for joining me today today, I want to talk a little bit about how therapy can be helped. A lot of people have a hard time understanding how a psychologist or a therapist might be able to help them if they haven’t experienced the same types of things or they don’t know a person’s history real. Well, I’m in the learning someone’s history in about their life and things that have happened to them or something that you know the psychologist will be talking with you about over the course of treatment. But I like to think about therapy is by thinking about being on a mountain, so you’ll have to forgive my drawing. I am not an artist, but this is one way that I like to think about it. So we are all. Everybody in life is kind of climbing their own Mountainstruggles in different areas, but someone therapy – you know we’re focusing on your struggle here. So here’s you, climbing the mountain – and you might be so close to the mountain that it’s really difficult for you to see. What’S coming ahead or it’s difficult for you to understand what happened before so here’s me or whoever the psychologist or therapist that you’re I’m hopefully would work with. So here’s me I’m climbing my own Mountain to because we’re kind of all in this the life together doing life together. But here’s me as a psychologist right, so I have a different vantage point of you on your Mountain. Then you do on your Mountain.

So part of my job as a psychologist is to really help you see and pull back a little bit and see the areas where you’re struggling see how there might be a theme or the pattern in the way that you’re, climbing your mountain or the specific rock. That kind of keep coming, upas your climbing a mountain and it to it to give you some more skills, so I might give you a carabiner. I might give you a stronger rope. We might say you know what let’s get a climbing team together for you, so we really want to think about what. How can we help you do life better? How can I help you see areas that you struggled in the past and if there might be any themes in those areas that you’re not aware of? How can we give you different skill? Different tools increase your level of support, so that you have more hope and gain more confidence and really feel like. You know how to address different obstacles in life, because the bottom line is we’re kind of all doing this together. We’Re always going to have obstacles in life are always going to have stressors, but there’s a there’s a lot of ways that we can buffer that so that it becomes easier to do so. Tulsa Counseling Services This is just one way that I like to think about how therapy can beApple for a person. If you have any questions, you are welcome to visit me at www. Legacy. Counseling service.com there you’ll find my phone number 539-777-1129 and you also find a secure email address for me and be on the lookout for more videos.

I’M going to be making some more videos to talk about how therapy can be helpful and different strategies and tools that we would use in therapy. So thanks again for joining me, please give me a call if I can help you out anyway, and we will see you soon thanks so much bye, Hi, I’m dr. Melissa, lady from Legacy counseling service thanks for joining me today. Tulsa Counseling Services Today, I want to talk with you about generalized anxiety, disorder, 4 person with generalized anxiety disorder. They worry about a lot of different things, almost everyday all day long, so it tends to be a very constant worry that is a little bit more extreme than other people. They have a hard time controlling their worries. They know that maybe they shouldn’t be worried about something, but it just keeps coming up for them. A person with this condition has a very hard time. Relaxing they often feel irritable. They often feel tired because of the physical stress of worry, and also because they may not be sleeping well at night because of the worry they may have headaches, stomach aches muscle aches. They may have unexplained physical pain. Sometimes they will have a lot of sweating or be light light headed or out of breath. There’S a lot of physical components that come with constant, worry and then, of course, there’s a lot of the cognitive parts of worried. They, the what-if questions that people have that we don’t really tend to answer those questions. Tulsa Counseling Services Maybe thinking a lot about the worst case scenario, so you know if someone has anxiety can be interfering for person’s job and their school. If you or anybody, you know, struggles with generalized anxiety, disorder, there’s definitely help available for you. We have great cognitive, behavioral treatment for generalized anxiety disorder.

There’S great medications a lot of times a psychiatrist or position will prescribe an antidepressant and in cognitive behavioral therapy. What we do is we look at the interaction between the way a person thinks about something their feelings and their behaviors, and we look at how all that goes together and skills to think differently teach skills to manage the physical components of worry better, so that your Body is not holding on to that anxiety and they tend to be very effective treatments. So if you wanted to call me and talk to me about any of these things, if you would like to set up an appointment or get a referral for a physician or a psychiatrist, please give me a call at 539-777-1129. Tulsa Counseling Services You can also visit my website at www Legacy, Counseling Service. Com thanks. So much – and I hope this was helpful for you and please call me if there’s anything you’d like to chat about or if I can help you in any way. Thanks.