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For me, the spirituality aspect of the therapy process is up most important. I having said that, though, for me it’s more about me than it is about the client. The spiritual aspect defines Who I Am the values that I have as a Christian but empathy the compassion in the understanding, the non-judgmental attitude. Those values are very much a part of me because I am a Christian and I think that’s what I bring to the therapy room and the client can expect to receive from me. So it’s very important. You didn’t know the spirituality, compartment or component of things is, is really important. I mean, I feel like our relationship with with God or whatever the person is coming from. That relationship is just as important as a relationship with your family members, with your spouse. With your friends, it’s an important relationship and, depending on how old the client view that relationship that’s either a strength that we want to increase or a hindrance that we want to understand. What did you have for hard experience? Is around this and provide some healing. Tulsa Counseling Services I would always tell people I’m not a theologian. I did not go to Bible school, I’m just a regular person trying to walk my faith and let my face, and so I can’t answer certain questions. Cuz. I don’t know the answer and I’ll say I don’t know, but I do feel like understanding that relationship is it important to know they might even have a relationship, but I need to know if they do or not cuz. I want to support that just like I do. Any other relationship, but the other things from just a, I guess, Tulsa Counseling Services more underlined foundational aspect of psychology and understanding spirituality. There is a lot of things that we know like.

We know there’s research, you know that that’s come out that inherent in the relationship, the the therapist values end up kind of being transferred a little bit to the client. So that’s an important thing for informed consent. If your client – and you don’t want those values, it’s important for us to know that you know what actually they do get transferred a little bit and if it’s not something that maybe were aware of, but it does happen just like values get transferred from parent to Child they’re not explicit typically, but they happen. Well, that’s a informed consent issue for the client. The client needs to know what are value system is, and it doesn’t mean that we’re going to push it on people that I don’t think any of us would ever do that. Tulsa Counseling Services But so I think that’s one aspect of why I just want to put it out there, but another important aspect of it for me is that when you know my therapeutic approach of acceptance and commitment therapy really encourages people to take bold action to live a life Of meaning – and if I’m going to ask my clients to do that, then I need to do that myself. So it’s a bold action, I feel like to say I’m a mental health provider who was also a Christian because that’s not typically what you see and there’s a little bit at sometimes can be put some pushback from that. Tulsa Counseling Services But I’m not going to ask my clients to do something that I’m not going to do myself. If I’m asking my clients to live out their beliefs, you know across work and family and fun, and all that stuff will be a little bit contradictory or hypocritical. If I also wasn’t willing to be bold in that, so that’s another reason why it’s important for me just to tell people that these are my core values and in the therapy room.

You know what I’m asking about relationship so tell me about your relationship with your. Your family and who lives in your home and coming friends and things like that and I asked about their relationship, their spirituality. I just say what I mean about your spirituality and then I want to know like if, if they talk about God or whatever I want to know, how do you see God interacting you know? How do you say I’m playing out in your life and do you feel like he’s a punishing God or is he? What is he like for you same questions? I would ask about how they see their spouse and then I’ll. You know ask sometimes people ask me if they can pray and you know sometimes people do you want prayer to be a part of our therapy session and if they do then great and I’ll ask do you want to pray or do you want me to and If they don’t that’s great, and you know it’s just an open conversation, I just feel like it’s just another relationship that we should talk about. I don’t see why not. Tulsa Counseling Services As a Christian and believer my my perspective is from love not judgmental from honoring, and respecting other people inside always want to be that in general, as a person anyway, like at Walmart and driving down the street and email back in my room, I definitely want somebody To feel safe and now you did not judge., But also, if I’m able to. I always want to ask the person in there just because they say they are Christian and I’ve learned that they might have different belief systems. And I even do as a Christian. So I have learned that I I want to ask other people: what are their values and what are their beliefs? How does that impact your life isn’t working? Is it not working, and how can I be a part if they want me to I absolutely?  I will do that. I’Ve had Christians that I want to talk about., That’s fine.

Christians that are Christians, but yet they don’t really Burn by their past experiences and they don’t want to talk about it. I have a client – and I know, and so there’s all kinds of different experiences. So I want to make sure that I am not pushing my own belief system on somebody else, because that’s not what they’re there for I’m not trying to change. Inherently a person or you can convert them or anything like that, but but I want people to know that I always operate from that perspective. Andi just recently have had any interesting religious experiences with clients, and then she was awake and okay cool. Well, let’s just do we have to do, and that was okay, I mean I wasn’t going to judge her. I wasn’t going to let you know: try to convert Ember her anything and her problem was that it was other things I mean it was so I definitely want somebody to feel safe. Even if I’m a Christian, even if you’re not. I still want you to feel safe with me and that’s kind of my perspective on that.