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I’M I’m dr. Melissa, lady, I am a clinical psychologist in Broken Arrow Oklahoma, believe that they’re kind of two experts in the room right the client themselves, where there is an expert in their own life and they have a really deep understanding, or at least that they Can get to that deep understanding and their life and then me at the expert in Psychology, so I really feel like in therapy. The blend is like the the team of them and me coming together to help them. You know. Maybe you find our understanding is that they’re feeling really confused about where they don’t understand why these patterns continue to recurring their life? So a lot of people come and see me for depression or anxiety and they’re, really struggling with chronic illnesses, chronic pain or they’re struggling with recurring family problems. I also work with people who really want to bring their Christian faith into the therapy room, even though I don’t do family work. A lot of the work that we do together is helping them understand how they influence the family environment or how they can respond to the environment, and a lot of it is really lucky. Tulsa Counseling Services The way their thoughts is with their feelings and their behaviors, and really just Seeing how all those things work together into how they respond to life? So if you’re watching this, I really really want you to know that you are more than your chronic pain. You are more than your depression and your anxiety and your your family circumstances, you’re more than your work struggles, there’s so much more to you and in life. We can really believe those thoughts that we have, that we’re not good enough. That will never amount to anything that I fail at everything and what I really want to help you work on his therapies.

I can do this, I I just maybe I need to learn new skills, or I need to think of a way of thinking about this differently. Maybe even made that face space where you can allow some of your hurts and your sadness just to be out on the table and not have anybody. Judging for that, and and sometimes he’s just kind of got it clean house a little bit and put that stuff out there, so you can start to see. Oh yes, Tulsa Counseling Services this is the real me. This is who I really am aside from all this stuff. This is who I really am. This is, who I really want to be, and I really would love to help you get there. Well, first thing that when I played as you know, obviously we want you to go on the website and look it look. It us and you know, watch these videos and try to find out and who’s a good fit. But you know when to call you and talk to Chrissy, who is really great and she’s going to help you figure out. You know if, if you need to be with me or with you know somebody else and what you really need it or if we are not going to be able to help you. But you know Chris is really great and just will walk you through. Tulsa Counseling Services Some of those things so the first thing is, you know to get a copy of the consent form which Chrissy with them to you. So you really understand – and you can take some time to read through some of it – housekeeping in business type of stuff related to working with each of us and then use it as a biographical form that we ask people to fill out.

And this is just kind of a quick snapshot of who you are in a little bit of your history, but I think you know. For me, one of the important things when someone’s coming into session is for them to have some general idea. They don’t have to know it all, because that’s what they’re going to be doing in therapy, but just some general idea of how would they described their current struggles or how would somebody else if their spouse were here where their adult child were here? What would they say you’re struggling with, and you know to maybe put some thought into how you would word that, because sometimes it’s so up in our head, Tulsa Counseling Services we don’t know the words that we would use to describe our struggles. And then you know just from another housekeeping standpoint. I always want to know what health conditions do you have. What medications are you on? What doctors are you seeing and how often because specially for the people I work with with chronic illness, you know the medications could play a large role or if you’ve got sleep apnea and, it’s not treated. Tulsa Counseling Services That can play a large role in depression and things like that. So you know, I always want to know those things and, and then I’ll you know, do the work behind the scenes to figure out. Is there something we need to pay attention to? Do you need to manage this med different, you know do. Is there an interaction effect here that we need to pay attention to, so those are just kind of the basic things for me and I’m.

The only other thing I would say is if you, if there’s someone in mind that you want to be kept in the loop about cheating weather at your psychiatrist, your position, your pastor, somebody in your family or a friend, somebody who can also help support you that Do you want me just to let you know, send some quick facts at you and say this is what we’re doing like very basic information sharing so. Tulsa Counseling Services Those are the type of things I think to prepare. I think the thing that they need to kind of understand is that first session isn’t going to be therapy. Probably it’s just going to be getting the business stuff out of the way taking the picture. You know a copy of your driver’s license your insurance card so forth, and just getting that stuff out of the way finding out what what brought you here and doing that sort of thing so to come in the first session and expect therapy, probably not going to Happen