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I use cognitive behavior therapy a lot and the reason for that is because, especially with teenagers, their thought processes can sometimes get so misconstrued, and you know jumbled-up that just helping them to identify where their thoughts are coming from and to say well, is that really the Way it is or not that really sometimes sometimes that always helps teenagers to. I think it always helps teenagers to be able to separate the problem from imagined and in be able to really deal with problem now, even with kids going to be able therapy is so valuable because you have to teach them just to control our thoughts. You know if the kid is allowed to, and I just worry all day or maybe if they have the same sugar of making them upset like they just can’t dwell on that, so just to be able to get to recognize their thoughts, and I just did like I use that he’s call Tucker the turtle, and so he teaches the kids too kind of stop and think until actually go into a shell and I’ll take three deep, breaths and then he’ll think of it. I do to make it better, and so it kind of easier way to translate kind of to behavioral therapy, the kids, because you’re teaching them to stop and change their thoughts.

Because of most things that I think adolescents, especially the negative things that occur because of the negative thoughts, so I’m sometimes it to work through the distorted thinking and realize wow. That’S really not the way that it appears to be just because you know your peers or whatever say this about you. You know. Look let’s work through that. Do you is this really occurring at this really what’s going on when you get to the substance of things, and I really realize okay, that is that’s really not real. Which what The Adolescents, I think it’s really important that you get their input if the you know it’s harder for children and you really have to rely on their parents, and I do ask the parents, you know who, why are you? Why do you feel like your child needs to have therapy? But but it’s important for them to understand why they’re there and too kind of have buying in so that we can get the work done, Tulsa Counseling Services because if they don’t really think they need to be there, they’re? Not going to open up and they’re not going to really do the work that needs to be done. After we have identified the goals and kind of what we want to see either counseling, then each week we’ll all can I get the parents, some parenting tips and just something that they can try and then each session also work with the kids and family as a whole. Family will identify like what we’re going to try that week and then the parents will take that home and they’ll do to the family and then we’ll come back the next week and we’ll talk about how it went.

I grew up in a broken home. My parents divorced when I was really young. So I understand when my kids, when my clients come to me from a broken home situation, I can kind of identify with some of the issues that they’re having the feelings of guilt, that you know. I was to blame the feelings of anger because of the one that left, so I think of all the different situations that I’ve had to deal with with kids. Tulsa Counseling Services That’S probably the one that I can show more empathy with them and more compassion about how they’re feeling I can understand a little bit about where that pain comes from and be able to help them through that. you are going to want to do everything you can to reach out to us and see how we are going to help with Tulsa counseling services. they are the best of the best and are going to be able to get you exactly what you are looking for.