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Hi dr. Melissa lady here from Legacy counseling service today and want to talk to you about what we can learn from football about mental health. So one of the main goals that I have for clients, when they come in to see me, is to develop a skill called psychological flexibility and I’ll. Tell you a little bit more about this in a few minutes. But I was watching football the other day and I was noticing how the quarterback, when the quarterback comes onto the field, he has a play that he intends to make right, there’s kind of one right option that he’s looking for. However, when the play starts and the defense does their thing there, that play might not actually work out, Tulsa Counseling Services so the quarterback then has to look for multiple other options to reach the end goal, which is a first down or touchdown or what not so in reality for the Quarterback, the quarterback can be successful when he is thinking about the end goal and how there’s multiple ways to get there, maybe there’s multiple plays. That will help the team get to the same point and in life it’s very similar right that oftentimes we have a set goal that were trying to achieve or a value that were trying to live out and in our minds we say well, there’s one best way To get there, but then life throws us a curveball or things happen, and then we have to look for additional right ways to do it. So we have to look for additional place to make that will still help us get to the end goal. So that is kind of related to psychological flexibility and a psychological flexibility is a way of dealing with difficult thoughts or emotions in a more effective way, Tulsa Counseling Services so that you can live your life in a more meaningful and satisfying waived basically.

He’S talking about the idea that, just because you have hard things coming, you have difficult thoughts or difficult feelings, things that are uncomfortable, that you don’t have to stop that forward; progression, that psychological flexibility would tell you that you know what there are other ways of handling This stuff that doesn’t have to pull you down and bring you down and you can handle it very efficiently and very effectively and still make progress towards the values that you have in your life. So that’s the concept of psychological flexibility and as we move forward, I’m going to make a couple other videos and go through a couple Concepts, a time: they’re, sick, main concepts of psychological flexibility. Tulsa Counseling Services So I’m just going to go through a couple Concepts at a time to help you really understand what I’m talking about so stay tuned for future videos, and I will teach you a little bit more about this concept, but definitely be thinking about your quarterbacking skills. In your own and how you do on the field, do you look for other options, or do you just keep going the same course? Even though life might bring you some defensive plays so fate and we’ll talk soon.

Hi everyone, dr. Melissa, lady from Legacy counseling service. Today, I want to talk to you a little bit about gratitude so that one of the first things about gratitude that can be kind of difficult is that when we are going through hard situations – and we are feeling worried or fearful or sad or lonely that sometimes It’S really hard to get our Focus off of the thing that we’re struggling with Amber today. I want to talk to you about the idea of looking at the flip side of the coin, that, even if the areas of struggle, if you look at the other side of the coin, there’s often areas of growth or areas of support that it would choose to Focus on those areas, while we are in the midst of our struggle, it often allows us to be grateful to find a way to be grateful for the struggles and when we do that that can really represent a lot of growth. A lot of emotional growth. A lot of personal growth that we can be in the midst of a struggle and also recognize that there is some beauty in that struggle. Tulsa Counseling Services So that’s part of the beauty might be that you’ve received a lot of great support from family or friends or part of the beauty might be that you have reminded yourself that you have the ability to figure something out, even if it was hard. So that was tip number one: to pay attention to the flip side of the coin and be aware of what are the growth opportunities that have come from your struggle to stick it if would be too can your daily life to practice your gratitude. So basically, what I mean by that is, if you’re grateful for your friends, are your family.

We practice out on a regular basis, it send them a card or an email, or a text share some quality time with them that you were actually living out. That very thing that you’re grateful for the third tip would be to be conscious of what you say so when we are struggling with something it’s very easy to get in the mindset of complaining or worrying at talking about those things, I want you to be very Conscious of the word that you say and see, if you can start to ship those words into words of thankfulness or gratitude or words that represent the opportunities that you are seeing from the struggle, because what we say we tend to believe. So when you say things that are your more thankful for or things that are more strength based, you actually start to believe those things about yourself and about your so. Tulsa Counseling Services I hope these tips have been helpful and I hope you have a great day and remember that even in the midst of struggle, you can find something to be grateful for so I challenge you to do that at today. So have a great day and we’ll be in touch. Take care.