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I’M not going to listen, lady and I’m a clinical psychologist. I work with people over the dolls who are struggling with insomnia and chronic health problems and usually there’s some depression and anxiety around those type of issues and identity issues in grief, and so those are really that I work with and I think it works best with People who are older – and I have a very large group of people who are approaching later life, 70, 75 years old and just adjusting to kind of that season of Life hi Anthony jigga, an American therapist and I enjoy working with couples: marriage, the family system. I also work with trauma and crisis grief, work and kind of how to fix the person and then, in turn, how to fix the family in the marriage. I’M Sandy Stone, and licensed, professional counselor. I work with adolescents and also with women. I’M a retired school counselor did that for many years, so I’ve had a lot of experience with working with teenagers and they’re, probably one of my favorite age groups, Tulsa Counseling Services but I do enjoy working with women. We work through depression and anxiety and family issues as well. My name is dr. Melissa, lady psychologist, at Legacy counseling service in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Thanks for joining me today today, I want to talk a little bit about how therapy can be helpful. I’M a lot of people have a hard time understanding how a psychologist or a therapist might be able to help them if they haven’t experienced the same types of things or they don’t know a person’s history real. Well, I’m in the learning someone’s history in about their life and things that have happened to them or something that you know the psychologist will be talking with you about over the course of treatment.

But I like to think about therapy is by thinking about being on a mountain, so you’ll have to forgive my drawing. I am not an artist, but this is one way that I like to think about it. So we are all everybody in life find me their own Mountain having their own struggles in different areas, but still in therapy. You know we’re focusing on your struggle here. So here’s you climbing the mountain and you might be so close to the mountain that is really difficult for you to see. What’S coming ahead or it’s difficult for you to understand what happened before so here’s me or whoever the psychologist or therapist that you’re hopefully would work with soldiers me, I’m climbing my own Mountain to, because we’re kind of all in this you life together doing life together, But here’s me as a psychologist right, Tulsa Counseling Services so I have a different vantage point of you on your Mountain. Then you do on your Mountain. So part of my job as a psychologist is to really help you see and pull back a little bit and see the areas where you’re struggling see how there might be a theme or the pattern in the way that you’re, climbing your mountains or the specific rock That can I keep coming up as you’re climbing a mountain and it to give you some more skills, so I might give you a carabiner. Tulsa Counseling Services I might give you a stronger rope. We might say you know what let’s get a climbing team together for you, so we really want to think about what. How can we help you do life better? How can I help you see areas that you struggled in the past and if there might be any themes in those areas that you’re not aware of?

How can we give you different skill? Different tools increase your level of support, so that you have more hope and gain more confidence and really feel like. You know how to address different obstacles in life, because the bottom line is we’re kind of all doing this together. We’Re always going to have obstacles in life are always going to have stressors, Tulsa Counseling Services but there’s a there’s, a lot of ways that we can buffer that so that it becomes easier to do so. This is just one way to think about how therapy can be helpful for a person. If you have any questions, you are welcome to visit me at www. Legacy. Counseling service.com, I’m there you’ll find my phone number 539-777-1129 and you also find a secure email address for me and be on the lookout for more videos. I’M going to be making some more videos to talk about on how therapy can be helpful and different strategies and tools that we would use in therapy. So thanks again for joining me, please give me a call if I can help you out anyway, and we will see you soon thanks so much bye, Tulsa Counseling Services bye, Hi, my name is Abby Simpson and I’m a licensed professional counselor. I’Ve been working with kids in their families for over 10 years, and my mom is free myself. I understand the difficulties of being a parent. I hear constantly from parents if they worry about doing the right things for their kids. They worry if they yell too much of their kids and maybe they’re too firm or two socks with them and raise any kids with behavioral. Problems can be especially hard. Have a passion for working with kids that maybe I have trouble controlling your anger?

Are they get into fights at school that they are disruption in class or have trouble paying attention? I also love working with kids that have anxiety or that they worry too much. I really tried it create a safe and comfortable environment for kids to work on their coping skills at she’s. Try to help them learn to express himself in an inappropriate way. I love after I’ve, worked with a kid in their family. I just getting to see that then the confidence that the kid has that they’re going to be able to handle agetting upset or being able to go to school and making friends. I love to see that parents can still in power to say it feel like they know what they’re doing when they’re raising their kit. You call and make an appointment. We will start by identifying some of the problem behaviors and then we’ll work together to create a plan of going to work for your whole family. I really want to work with your family to see them to be able to get along better, to be able to communicate and just enjoy each other more. You ready to change the Dynamics of your family. Please give me a call and make an appointment.