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That kind of Behavioral perspective as well, but I also use a lot of acceptance and commitment therapy and I think the acceptance – and I think really all of it for me – also there’s kind of that spiritual underlying piece to it. But you know I love. I love helping people figure out. You know why they’re thinking away, they’re, thinking and again like where does that come from, and I always like to kind of draw a picture of the Mind in terms of our level of awareness and how are core beliefs, you know are formed over time and how That influences just those automatic things that we think about it. I think that’s really exciting to help people see that they feel, like the mind, is like some hidden thing that you don’t. You can’t see what’s going on in there, but you can it just takes some time. You know to really dig in there and I think, that’s really exciting, but then I also use the acceptance and commitment therapy part of that, because I think a lot of times. Tulsa Counseling Services People will assume that if your mind is thinking something you have to like it’s true or that you have to do what it says. I know that sounds kind of funny, but you know I also like to externalize that, just because your mind is telling you something doesn’t mean you have to do it like there might be times, were driving down the road and were like you know mad at the Person in front of us and the you know, we might have a spot that we would never ever follow through on, and so I think, a lot of times. We kind of forget that wow well, just because I have this thought that I’m I’m anxious and so therefore, I’m not going to do XYZ or an angry, and so therefore I am going to yell at somebody or whatever looks like, but we forget that there’s times I Might help with something that we would never believe.

We just think it’s a ridiculous., So I like to also bring in that acceptance and commitment therapy because help people create some distance between what your mind is telling you and and then evaluate like. Where do I really want to go? You know it’s a. What is that that part that I’m really committed to? What is that value that I’m really committed to,Tulsa Counseling Services  and how can I take steps towards living life consistent with that values? You know and really peeing incongruent with who I am and my soul and my spirit and Nino, knowing that you might have thoughts that are they don’t support you moving in that way, you can just let those pots pass on by you. Don’T have to latch on to them and try to understand them. Tulsa Counseling ServicesIf you know will this thought isn’t really consistent with this belief that I have and I don’t have to but, I am going to listen to the other thoughts, but you know help me. Take bold action and be courageous and be compassionate.

You know and live more congruent, I’m working great life and have more meaning in life. You know I would say I have two main areas of expertise: you no one is helping people with chronic pain and chronic illness and insomnia. I have specialty certifications in both those specialty training that I got from the VA, but I think that you know mainly with chronic illness and chronic pain. I found it. People really lose their identity to those types of issues and they they really start to over identify with what their body is doing or is not doing and there’s a lot of feelings of betrayal at their body betrayed them, and so I think that really being able To kind of pull them out of their body a little bit help them kind of reconnect with who they are in their soul in their spirit and find, you know, find ways to even compensate for what their body is not doing, well and how they can no use. All those things to have a more meaningful life and and good quality of life. Tulsa Counseling Services You know, even if their body is not doing exactly what they wanted to do and then there’s a lot of social issues that come along with that. Tulsa Counseling Services I mean a lot of stigmas and especially if there is an invisible illness and people can’t see, you know why do you have to rest so much or why do you?

Why can’t you ever go to this thing and it’s a really. You know giving people permission to just love on their body and be compassionate but learn how to create some boundaries and and of course, you spiritually again really bolstering that an internal sense of themselves. So and then, with the insomnia work you know, insomnia is really really fun to work with, so many people struggle with insomnia and they don’t know it or there’s other things going on like to have sleep apnea and they don’t know it. But I love doing that kind of work too, because it’s if you don’t get good quality sleep, it really starts to leak out into other areas of your life. I mean it’s, it’s so much over last with depression and anxiety, and then you start having any problems in the family and problems in marriage, because you’re, cranky and you’re irritable, and you can’t think clearly so you know those those issues. I just really love working on those issues because there’s always some depression anxiety, most the time that goes along with those butI think it’s just one of those things we take for granted of our bodies functioning or how we’re sleeping – and we don’t really think about the Impact it has on the rest of our lives, so those are kind of my two main areas: