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I would like to help with people will change because change like that can be very overwhelming, and they just don’t know where to start or like everything is a change, and so I did. I do nothing because I don’t even know what to do where to go. So I like helping people with and I do this I try to slap myself as well to try to put things and bits and parts and pieces, and so that way, Tulsa Counseling Services you’re not so overwhelmed and an end of that. We kind of work towards change, because if I can get some control over something small in my life or in this part of his part, I don’t actually feel better. I feel that hope and then also will change also want to make sure that people are in community. People are in church, people are in AA or na people are in a trauma, support group or sexual trauma. Survivor group people are in a support group for asperger’s or ADHD or Autism or whatever. It is that we feel like we’re not just completely by herself, and I think that’s. The biggest thing is the process through everything, but when we go outside, we need our friends. We need our family, God made us a new people, you know and healthy way, of course, Tulsa Counseling Services I’m hopeful, but when it support we need encouragement, we need someone to just look it up and say no to be okay or an hour.

I’M proud of you or I can see that you’re working hard and even if you don’t get those words other people, I’m just having that hope that I can do something different and get a different result, and that makes me a little bit excited that makes you Want at least try and so that’s kind of the angle. I try to work out of let’s break down the feeling a bit overwhelmed. I don’t know how to change and let’s put it into manageable practice, manageable, practical pieces that I can actually do. I work with people that feel the need to change her. Tulsa Counseling Services They may not recognizing it. There need to change what I remind them of is, if you’re not happy or feeling satisfied with where you are right now, if you don’t do something different you’re, never going to change the way that things are right now, most of the time when people come to Me they know that there’s something not right. They know that either they’re unhappy or they’re angry all the time or they’re depressed all the time, but something’s not right. So I very rarely come to meet with someone that isn’t seeking for something different. Now they may not know what changed they need and they may have all these thoughts that have come into their minds and determining who they are and what they can and can’t do, and it’s my job to help them see that there is always hope. Tulsa Counseling Services There’S always there is an opportunity for you to do things different differently. They don’t have to believe everything that they’re being told.

So it’s kind of my job to help them see those things so that they can begin the first step in making change, because if they don’t believe that they can do anything different they’re not going to want to do anything different but they’re so dissatisfied with. Where things right now so that kind of work, I work with him. This is wise are very wise, is getting a couple like I’ve had couples and get them to identify. The problem is and not attack the person, but it’s at the problem and I’ve had actual it literally is fun to watch, because they start off thinking that they’re attacking the problem, and you hear them attacking each other and then actually like draw it out and like Circles and then I saw them they’re like he’ll, do it again, and it’s really fun because like when you don’t realize when you’re sucking your patterns and you’re stuck in the way you do things it’s fun to tilt white kind of break that up and then they go. Okay, now I can see how I’m not really typing a problem. Tulsa Counseling Services I was really talking this one or I was really talking this one or this one, so I really enjoy kind of that. Tulsa Counseling Services Externalization like get the problem outside, of who the person is, that it’ll help us and we can work together to get this thing. Salt and I notice how that thing in packs are family or relationship or whatever it is our spirituality minutes. I was saying family systems – marriage, family therapy. I really like how the baby, while they’re being that kind of getting at the thought, processing, and I always ask clients and groups like ever wondered. Why did I think that is why I just say that it was a singer. You know I’m kind of looking at. How do we form I got somewhere to those come from and then realizing and recognizing to come from?

Spirituality here comes from our experiences, or they got some. I come from grazing are growing up. I got some, I Come From Fear or anxiety or substance use or even if it there’s a mental health issue, do you know so it’s really interesting to watch how warm and come and then how they influence and impact our decisions and our families in our relationships. So I like doing that kind of work. Tulsa Counseling Services It’S so much fun to be working with someone, and I I do the cognitive, behavioral swell and it’s so exciting to see them. The light come on and I can really that’s where that was coming from and then they once they recognize it. Then you can help them revamp that so that they can have a more positive life experience, and is it’s really exciting, but I also work a lot with solution-focused, because I kind of I have a feeling that people have having issues and there’s usually a solution to That issue – and I don’t want to drag out therapy for them if we can focus on that solution, find an answer to that solution and get them moving on with their life. So that’s pretty important to me as well.