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CBT-Chronic Pain Training Course for Mental Health

People who struggle with chronic pain face an immense amount of stigma and adversity, from the medical and psychological community, law enforcement, and their families and friends. Not only do they struggle with their bodies being in pain and limiting their physical movements and what they are able to do, but issues of self-identity, self-worth, grief, spirituality, depression, anxiety, and insomnia are typical. Many people with pain also have a history of chronic trauma from childhood. 

In order to be best prepared to adequately help people with chronic pain, a lot of training needed. People who struggle with chronic pain deserve to work with a well-trained clinician.  


My training in chronic pain covers a broad history: initial training in my doctoral program in the health psychology track, a 1 year doctoral internship program on health psychology rotations (including a 3 month inpatient multidisciplinary chronic pain program rotation and a 3 month acute spinal cord injury unit rotation), working 4 years as a rehabilitation psychologist in the spinal cord injury rehab program at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Tampa, FL, as a staff psychologist, 4 years as an outpatient primary care psychologist at the VA working with chronic pain and illness and completing VA certification in CBT-Chronic Pain which included a 20 hour in-person training and 6 months of weekly 1 hour supervision of audio-recorded sessions, and finally working 1 year as a health psychologist in physical rehabilitation centers and assisted living. Dr. Leedy has owned a private practice for the past three years and continues to provide mental health counseling to adults with chronic pain.


  1. LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL:  You must be licensed as a mental health professional (LPC, LMFT, LCSW, Ph.D., Psy.D.)
  2. BASELINE TRAINING: If you plan to participate in the in-person training I require that you complete a baseline training about pain, because we will not have time in a 6-hour training to review this information, but it’s necessary for you to understand it before treating clients who have chronic pain. This baseline training is an online CEU course for $23.96 and you will earn 4 CEUs.  The course can be found here: https://ce4less.com/Pain-Management-A-Comprehensive-Review-Ceu. Once you have completed this baseline training you MUST email me a copy of your certificate of completion. This course covers the following:
    1. Defines pain
    2. Describes the magnitude of pain
    3. Enumerates the characteristics of pain
    4. Explains the types of pain
    5. Describes the negative consequences of pain
    6. Describes the pathophysiology of pain
    7. Elaborate the theories of pain
    8. Identifies the factors affecting the pain
    9. Demonstrates appropriate use of pain measurement instruments
    10. Explains the pharmacological management of pain
    11. Describes the non-pharmacological management of pain
    12. Explains alternative therapies for the relief of pain
    13. Discusses the patient self-care method to relieve pain


The in-person training workshop will be held on Friday, August 17th at the Legacy Counseling Service group room (2498 W. New Orleans Street Broken Arrow, OK 74011) and will last 6 hours. Training will begin at 9 am sharp. Please arrive no later than 8:45 am so that we can begin promptly at 9 am. You will have an hour break for lunch from 12 pm -1 pm. Feel free to bring snacks and drinks.  Training will conclude at 4 pm.  

In-person training will cover the specific CBT skills associated with treating chronic pain and will provide you with a general therapeutic protocol which you can use to structure your sessions and your overall treatment goals. You will receive hard copies of the training materials for the training and a link to access electronic copies of the material to modify and to use for your client appointments.


As you know, learning a new therapy is not just about learning the book/lecture knowledge, it’s also about improving your skills based on what you actually see when you are with clients. After you complete the baseline and in-person training, 6-months of group consultation, occurring 1x/month for 1.5 hours will be available. A schedule with available group supervision times will be sent to you in the coming week and a minimum of 3 people are needed to have a group consultation meeting with a maximum of 6 people. Supervision can be done as a group either in-person or through secure video.

Again, because people with chronic pain are very complex due to the physical and emotional components, consultation is necessary to do chronic pain treatment well. Additional individual consultation is available for 30 or 60 minutes but must be scheduled two weeks in advance. 30-minute individual consultations will be $25 and 60-minute individual consultation will be $50.


You will earn a total of 10 CEUs for participation in this training course. Four CEUs will be awarded after you complete the baseline online training course. Six CEUs will be awarded to you after you complete the in-person training workshop with Dr. Melissa Leedy, Ph.D./Legacy Counseling Service.


The cost to attend this training is $300.00 (6-hour in-person workshop, hardcopy and modifiable electronic therapeutic material, and 6 months of monthly consultation) and may be paid in full upon registration or in 6 monthly installments of $50 if you are not able to pay the full amount up-front.

I am aware that this cost may be more than you had expected, but this cost is only $25/hour for my time during the workshop and $21.60/hour for my consultation time. This does not account for my time preparing training materials.

I will likely be offering this training again in the near future for clinicians who are not affiliated with Legacy Counseling Service but will not be offering the discounted rate.


Being capable and confident to treat people with chronic pain will expand your practice immensely, as sadly, there are many, many people who have chronic pain who are suffering physically, emotionally, relationally, occupationally, and spiritually.  Thus, the return on your initial investment of $300 will be seen many times over even after only a few sessions. It will also provide you with a specialty that few mental health providers know how to treat well.

  • At the private pay rate of $150.00, you will only need two appointments to pay for the cost of training.  
  • At the insurance rate of $75.00, you will only need four appointments to pay for the cost of training. 
  • If you see only 1 insurance-based client at a rate of $75.00 for a total of 12 times that is $900.00, which is tripling your financial investment in training.  


Registration for CBT-Chronic Pain training is due by Wednesday, August 1st. To register, simply complete the form below.


Payment can be made in one lump sum by clicking the yellow “Pay Now” button below. If you need to pay in 6 monthly installments of $50 do not click on the payment button below. Instead, payment of $50, without demand from the instructor, can be made by check. Checks should be made payable to Melissa Leedy, Ph.D. no later than the 5th of each month (August 2018-January 2019).  Please write “CBT-Chronic Pain Training” in the memo line. 

May your payment of $300 now by clicking the yellow button below.

If you have any question or concerns please speak with me directly. 

Dr. Melissa Leedy, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                                                                                            539-777-1129 ext 701 | drleedy@legacycounselingservices.com

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