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Family Therapy

Helping the Family Connect

Is your family suffering? Are you or someone in your family walking on egg-shells, pretending that things are okay when they are not? Are you desperate for your family to be okay but you just don’t know what to do to make things better?

If your home life feels crazy, hectic, or too busy, if you are constantly stressful, tired, and irritable at home, then family therapy can help! In the family there are so many dynamics at play that it can be hard to figure out how to start making changes, and how to maintain those changes in the long-term. Each member of the family brings with them their own history, personality, and future hopes, dreams, and worries. These unique characteristics of each person in the family can make it hard for the average person to step back and see where, and how, change can happen. It can be overhwelming and you might even lose hope that things can be different in your family. But there is hope!  Working on your family relationships with a counselor who is trained in family therapy can be incredibly helpful! Perhaps your family needs help with behavioral problems, organization, managing stress, schedules, finances, illness, healing from past traumas, or simply the need to make the home more functional and stable. If so, call us today to schedule a session to begin the journey of bringing your family back together again.

What Can You Expect Through Family Counseling?

In family therapy at Legacy Counseling Service in Broken Arrow, OK we look at ways to improve marital relationships, parenting, and each individual person within the family so that the family can function well as a whole. We also work on ways that each family member can function better individually. In family counseling we will work together to identify areas of dysfunction and individual needs. The family will find and use their strengths individually, and as a whole, to heal from past hurts, trauma, behavior problems, substance use, mental health illness, and general stress in family life. Through counseling we will work together to improve communication, problem solving, and decision making to create healthy boundaries. The goal of family therapy is for the family to find fun ways to create rules, roles, and boundaries based on value and belief system of the family so that all members feel heard, understood, safe, and loved.

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