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Stress Test

Are you under too much stress?

Stress (too much or not enough) is a factor in our mental health. Often times we are under more stress than we realize or we tell ourselves that we “should” be able to handle it all.  This type of thinking, combined with not taking care of ourselves on a daily basis, can lead to burnout, depression, anxiety, marital problems, and health problems.

Take the Holmes-Rahe Stress Test

A popular stress test is the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory which you can take to help you recognize how much stress you have. Once you find out where you fall on the stress test you can begin to think about how to cut back on a few things (saying “no” more often), make some small but powerful changes (such as eating breakfast daily or waking up at the same time each day) or add in some fun or meaningful activities (every other week dinner with your friends, daily meditation time).

Understanding the complexities that contribute to your perception of stress is also important in helping you recognize, and make changes, to improve your stress. Here’s a great article to help you learn more.

Learning how to function best means that you need to spend time reflecting on when you feel the best and how you can create an environment that will help you consistently stay there most of the time. It can be hard to do this on our own because we might be too close to the problems, we struggle to see things objectively, or there are just factors that we don’t know about that contribute to our stress. In these instances, it’s often helpful to meet with a licensed mental health professional to help you sort things out an make a plan of action.  Our mental health counselors at Legacy Counseling Services in Broken Arrow are happy to help you figure out the factors that are causing too much stress in your life and help you make a plan to move into your “optimal” stress zone.  Call us today at 918-505-4367 to make an appointment or schedule your 30-minute free consultation visit.

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