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Tulsa Counseling for Bullied Teens

“Sometimes I have no idea why she doesn’t want to go to school. I don’t know if she’s depressed or being bullied or what!”

Being a parent of a teen can be really hard. There are so many influences to be concerned about, and your teen is dealing with many physical, emotional, and social changes. And many times, your child may not be able to tell you what, or why, they are having a hard time. In addition to dealing with being bullied at school, your teen may experience cyberbullying on their social media hangouts. Your teen may be experiencing anxiety or depression. Mental health counseling for your teenager can help uncover the worries and struggles your teenager is experiencing and get them back on track to becoming themselves again.

A Story of How Therapy for Teens Being Bullied Can Help

The parent of 13-year old “Carly” was having difficulty getting her to go to school. After numerous failed attempts, the parents decided that it would be helpful to have their daughter talk to a counselor. Although “Carly” was reluctant to open up, with patient prodding she finally revealed that a bully had been harassing her. This bully had not only been bumping into her in the hallway and in the school cafeteria, she also had been using social media to call her names and tell her lies about her, which resulted in her losing some of her closest friends. She was angry, frustrated, hurt, and lonely. School had become dreadful.

“Carly” soon began going to mental health counseling more regularly – coming in once a week for many weeks.  Therapy helped her identify what accusations were being made and how they influenced her thoughts and feelings about herself and others. It was hard work, but “Carly” was eventually able to regain the power that had once been taken by the bully and feel good about herself again. She also made new friends and eventually even some of her old friends rejoined her social group.

Tulsa Mental Health Counseling for Bullied and Cyberbullied Teens

If your teen is the victim of a bullying, or cyber bullying, or is depressed, therapy can offer many tools to help them deal with the anger, frustration, loneliness, and flawed thoughts that often come with being bullied. Call today and make an appointment with Sandy Stone, LPC  who provides therapy for teens who are the target of bullying. Sandy spent many years as a school counselor in the Broken Arrow Public School System and has helped a lot of teens cope with and overcome being bullied.

Call Christi, our intake coordinator, today at 539-777-1129 to make an appointment to help your teen overcome being bullied!

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