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Tulsa Counseling for Depressed Teens

“My teen is just not the same person he was.”

“I’m worried that her withdrawing is just making thing worse.” “Nothing I do seems to help him and he just gets mad at me.”

If you’ve had these thoughts as a parent of a depressed teen, it’s time to consider mental health counseling for your child.

It’s been said that depression hurts, not always physically, but emotionally and can be quite serious. Withdrawing, sleeping more than usual, frequent crying, deep sadness, and a sense of hopelessness are just a few of the symptoms of depression. While teens often display some of these attributes, when the symptoms become extreme, it’s time to check it out and see if your teen needs counseling for his/her mood. Depression can lead to suicide in severe cases, so it’s something to take seriously.

Legacy Counseling Service in Broken Arrow, Tulsa Metro Can Help Your Teen Overcome Depression

Clinical depression is a physiological disorder that many teens to do not understand, so educating the teen about their mood is a vital part of therapy. While medication may be needed to address the physiological aspects of depression, therapy can help with the day to day living with this disorder. A teen who comes to the office at Legacy Counseling Service in Broken Arrow/Tulsa will find acceptance and a kind, listening ear. But, listening and talking are not all that will happen in the counseling room. Once we identify the source of the depression we are able to begin the real work. There are a lot of skills that a teenager can learn to help cope with those times with the sadness seems overwhelming. Periodic meetings with parents may be helpful to educate parents on living with a depressed teen and to help parents become a source of accountability so the teen uses the skills he/she is learning in therapy.

Your Teen Doesn’t Have to Live With The Pain of Depression.

At Legacy Counseling Service, we are ready to educate, communicate, and demonstrate the skills that will help him or her succeed!

If you are ready to help your teenage child heal from depression, call Christi, our intake coordinator at 539-777-1129 today. She will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for your teen with Sandy Stone, LPC. Sandy has been a school counselor in the Broken Arrow Public School system for over 10 years and loves helping teens get back to writing their life story and feel joy again.

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